Working With Friends And Family

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If you are in the creative business of designing and art it is inevitable that at one point in your life your family and friends will definitely approach you in need of your designing an illustrative skills. And if they have not asked you as of yet then they will definitely do so sooner or later. And when you have your family and friends as clients it can sometimes turn into a nightmare. Because who wants their clients having the ability to pay them an unannounced visit over the weekend or sharing the same living space able to talk to you about their work all day long. It isn’t really a pleasant thought to deal with. So how do you then manage your dear ones who have suddenly become your clients in a professional yet personal manner?

Know the person you are dealing with
First and foremost you need to know the person who is requesting your services, even if you are just a startup business or a well-established leading graphic design company in Singapore. Because by knowing the person you will know how exactly you are going to get along with them. If you think the job at hand is going to fall apart because of personal differences then there is no point of taking on the project. Because you don’t have to make the mistake of taking it on just because you want to avoid a fight when you say no, only to end up having numerous arguments up ahead. So it’s always best to refer the individual over to someone else whom you think will be able to do a better job than you.

Are they asking something that you can actually achieve
Having friends and family who believe in you and your graphic design is a great thing. Because most of the time it is this believe that keeps us going. It helps us achieve things that we didn’t know we could. They are the support system we require. But when it comes to having these people as clients, it’s a whole different story. Because they can expect so much more from you just based on this belief. And these beliefs can extend towards being unrealistic. So you need to it down with them and have a clear conversation about what it is that they need exactly. And it will be even better if you can get it written down so that there will not be any confusions along the way, and you won’t end up letting anyone down at the end of the day. For further information you can definitely click this site for creative design agency.

So follow these tips if ever one of your family members or friends approach you with a job they need to get done.