Things Every Driver Should Know

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Regardless of if you have been driving for decades or started driving recently, there is always something new to learn about that can make your life significantly easier and your drive significantly safer.  

Here is a list of the top things that every driver should be aware of 

Stay off the passing lane 

It is called the passing lane for a reason. People use it for overtaking other vehicles and it’s not for you to cruise around at low speeds. Staying off the passing lane will help the traffic move faster. 

Merge carefully 

For some people, merging is quite difficult. Of course, it is intimidating when you are trying to insert your vehicle into a freeway where vehicles are flying past at blazing speeds. To start with slow down. It is not possible at all to merge into a road if you are going at a higher peed than the traffic on the road you are getting in to. It will also make the entire maneuver much safer. .No matter how many driving classes you take, whether it is private driving or some other format, there is bound to be a few tips here that you have not heard of before. driving lessons singapore

As explain in your private driving lessons, this needs to be said again, no two vehicles can stay in the same location on the lane. If there is a vehicle on your side, you cannot merge at that point. Either reduce your speed and merge behind that said vehicle or increase your speed and merge in front of that vehicle. Use the turn signals at every possible opportunity. This will keep you and your vehicle and vehicles around you safe. However, remember that just because you are using your turn signals, it does not mean that every vehicle is going to stop and let you pass by. Always look in the mirror and ensure that it is safe to merge. 

Four wheel drive will not brake as well as you accelerate  

While it is tempting to floor thaw accelerator and blaze around in the snow, you should remember that it will still take the same time as any other vehicle to slow down. Remembering this will help reduce those unnecessary accidents in the snow. 

Ensure there is enough space between you and the vehicle in front 

Tailgating is one of the most dangerous maneuvers when it comes to driving. Ensure there is enough space between you and the vehicle ahead to avoid accidents. Keep enough space so that if the vehicle in front brakes, it will give you enough time to take action.