Spending Quality Time With Your Loved Ones

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As parents, brothers, partners, children and friends we have great responsibilities towards our loved ones that we can never shrug off. We have to return the affections they shower on us sometimes even without our knowledge. These are the ones who will get mad at people for treating us badly even when we ourselves won’t even feel bothered about it. These are the people whose silent prayers would have strengthened your weak hearts and the gentle nudges in the right path. These are the ones who will sacrifice their comforts, achievements, dreams, money, and time for your betterment. These are the ones you could always count on to be at your side like your own shadow stepping down so that you can receive the limelight.

So what do we give them in return? We are so busy that we don’t even have time to spend with them. We can’t even lay aside a couple of minutes to enjoy their company and forget to give them a call at least once in a while. It is not because we are selfish but simply because we have gotten our priorities wrong. Working and earning is greatly important in life and that is how we find a means of survival. But it is not the only thing that matters.We earn to live but we don’t live to earn. We might be earning so that we can give our loved ones a better life but if we don’t respect them enough to gift them with our precious time then we have done nothing for them.

Gifting someone with your time is one of the greatest honors you can bestow on anyone. Remember that very carefully. Your loved ones don’t ask for anything from you except for your time to spend together. No expensive gifts needed.

So take a few minutes off of your busy schedule and allocate it permanently for your loved ones. Spend time talking with them and asking them about their day. Spend time telling them how your day was and whatever thing that worries you (it’s good for stress release and also bonding with each other. They will then not feel reluctant to share their feelings with you too). Eat a meal together as a habit or say your family prayers together. Do stuff the other enjoys and use it as a bonding experience with the help of boat ridding.

You can go on a holiday in a RV or even a yacht! Renting a yacht in Singapore can be done online easily and there will be no hassle. Or you can go camping or surfing or anything that is new to both of you so that you will develop an affinity to a particular activity through bonding to learn together.

Later on you both will remember it as the things that you both fell in love with and refer to it as “our thing”. It can become a family tradition you all look forward to each year.