Most Common Types Of Diseases/illnesses

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There are different kinds of diseases some are common and some are very rare. When the disease is a common one people take it lightly which is bad because some of the diseases can be very deadly. Below are some common diseases and how one can prevent or reduce the risk of getting it.

Different kinds of cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease which can kill a person. There are different kinds such as breast cancer, colorectal cancer and many more. This occurs when abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy the body tissue. According to research cancer is the second leading cause of death in United States. Usually if is detected at an early stage, the doctors would prescribe different types of treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. However if it is detected at last stage it is difficult to cure. There are few things one could do to prevent this deadly disease. One should avoid smoking because tobacco is very harmful to human body. Also a healthy diet would help this means a diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, less alcohol and limited amount of fats. Working out helps for almost all the diseases. According to experts if one regularly exercises and eats a balance diet they have lesser chance of been diagnosed with different diseases compared to those who don’t.

Diseases related to anus

This is also very common such as constipation, blood in the stool and many more. Blood in the stool is also known as piles and in most cases patients are asked to go for haemorrhoid surgery Singapore. However this isn’t necessary to all patients. In some cases doctors would prescribe medicine, give over the counter ointment and tell the patient to change their lifestyle. This would include a better diet plan, having a lot of fluids to keep them hydrated. People should avoid being embarrassed to talk about this disease because neglecting it could worsen the situation.

Acne or other bumps

This is a skin disease where one would notice red bumps all over their face and body sometimes. This is common among teenagers but the rate of people getting adult acne is also increasing. This could be due to various reasons such as hormonal changes and poor diet.  According to research 80% of it comes due to genetics. Usually the doctor would ask the patient to change the diet such as avoid smoking and would prescribe antibiotics with tropical creams. If the situation is serious then they might ask to go for a surgery or prescribe high dosage drugs such as Accutane.

In order to avoid the risk of getting any sort of disease one needs to maintain their body and keep themselves healthy.