Choosing Top Styles And Designs To Stich Frocks For Your Little Girl

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You go shopping to buy online baby clothes, but you aren’t satisfied with the products sold in the market. Moreover, you cannot afford to buy designer wear or frocks from high-end stores in the neighbourhood. However, if you have the skills of sewing clothes then, why waste money at stores, when you could make special homemade frocks for your child? In fact, there are many tutorials that you could check out online or look through sewing books to get an idea. When you’re selecting material to stitch frocks for her, you should consider different occasions. Your family might be invited for a party, wedding, casual gathering and so on.

As a fact, you could stitch dresses for any of these occasions. Yet, you might be wondering what styles or patterns that are worn at present? What is the latest fashion for girl’s dresses? If you’re wondering what you could start stitching, you’ve come to the right page. As mentioned above, there are many types of designs that are available. Hence, you might be confused with selecting a style that compliments your daughter’s personality and appearance. With that said, here are some top styles and designs that you could consider:

• Shift frock

You could stitch a shift dress with or without pockets from a colourful material. Or, you could consider a single colour with contrasting colours for the pockets, when sewing baby girl dresses in Australia. Choose patterns and designs that are adorable for a shift dress.

• Smocked neck dress

Another top style is smock neck dress, with ‘U’ or ‘V’ neck designs. You could have these frocks stitched with or without sleeves. The best choice of material for this type of dress would be dainty floral prints or tiny patterns such as lines, circles, etc.

• Scalloped hem frock

Alternatively, you could stitch baby girl dresses with a scalloped hem, which is suitable to wear to special occasions, such as parties, dinners, etc. Your little girl would look adorable in this type of dress. You could sew with a plain material and add a colour in a plain, yet, contrasting colour.

• A-Line frocks

On the other hand, an A-Line dress would be suitable to be sewn with materials that have stripes or pastel hue colours. Especially, if you’re child is taller on average, it would look pretty and nice on her. As a fact, you could consider this type of top design as well.

Whether you’re dressing your daughter with a frilled or shift frock, you could choose materials with colourful and dainty prints. Also, consider patterns that aren’t too loud to be worn by your child. Moreover, there are many more design ideas that you would find online. With that said, consider the aforementioned suggestions, if you are thinking of stitching a frock for your child.